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Understanding Investment Risk

Now let’s blog a bit today about understanding investment risk. Have you ever invested in the stock market on a hot tip, only to escape with just your burnt fingers? Not to worry, it happens to a lot of people. But that can be prevented by taking the proper precautions and doing some basic research. […]

The Power Of Investing At A Young Age

Today I wanted to write about the importance of starting to invest immediately. When you begin saving / investing at an early age, you have a lot of time on your side. Compound interest and / or investment growth can put a lot of money into your retirement pocket. Investing while you are still young […]

The Folly Of Not Investing Until Later

Ok bloggers, check this chart out. Let’s assume you don’t begin to invest early. Note the following chart to see what would happen if you spent all your money from age 22 to age 27 and then decided that you should be investing $2,000 per year. The result is astonishing! Not beginning to invest until […]

Saving For Your Future 1

You may be reading this blog at a very young age, but you’ll get old very quickly, trust me. Someday all of us want to relax and not have to focus on earning money every hour of every day. The best way to prepare for that time in our lives is to begin saving at […]

Saving For Your Future II

The secret to becoming wealthy is steady plodding; putting away a few dollars at a time, consistently, week after week for the rest of your life. Adjusting your lifestyle to do this is not only important, but also absolutely necessary. To start saving for the future, you also have to find some money to save. […]