Saving For Your Future II

The secret to becoming wealthy is steady plodding; putting away a few dollars at a time, consistently, week after week for the rest of your life. Adjusting your lifestyle to do this is not only important, but also absolutely necessary. To start saving for the future, you also have to find some money to save. This, of course, mandates that you live below your means; i.e., spend less than you earn.

“How can I begin to save?” you ask. “Where will I get the money?” Basically, you can begin your savings or increase your savings in three ways.

First, you can find savings money by reducing your regular expenses. Do without some things you normally buy. Perhaps it’s that daily latte or the fast-food snacks.

Second, you can find savings money by increasing your income. This may mean a part-time job, or some weekend service you can provide. It might even be a raise or bonus from your regular job.

Third, you can find money to save by converting unused / unneeded possessions (assets) into cash. This may be as simple as selling something to a friend or family member (one man’s trash is another man’s treasure); it may mean having a garage sale, or it can mean getting rid of that adult recreational toy you rarely use. Either way, these three basic options can put savings money into any person’s pocket.

Tell me “your” story of saving for your future! Your comments appreciated!

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