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Budgets Are Boring!

Ok readers, I agree….budgets CAN be very boring. A bunch of numbers, a bunch of totals; restrictions on anything and everything it seems! But the truth is, budgets are not meant to restrain you, but to free you. Some short-term restraint now….but in favor of some long-term freedom! Budget does in fact bring some very […]

Saving For Your Future 1

You may be reading this blog at a very young age, but you’ll get old very quickly, trust me. Someday all of us want to relax and not have to focus on earning money every hour of every day. The best way to prepare for that time in our lives is to begin saving at […]

Saving For Your Future II

The secret to becoming wealthy is steady plodding; putting away a few dollars at a time, consistently, week after week for the rest of your life. Adjusting your lifestyle to do this is not only important, but also absolutely necessary. To start saving for the future, you also have to find some money to save. […]

Saving For Your Future III

Savings and investments are necessary for you to take full responsibility for your future. You provide for your future by accumulating enough wealth to take care of your needs independent of any other person or entity. You accumulate wealth by investing. You invest by first saving dollars for that purpose. You save dollars by finding […]

Saving For Your Future IV

After looking forward to it for many years and planning for it with anticipation, your years of retirement should be a time of enjoyment and a wonderful season in your life. But when the time comes, will you have all of the resources accumulated to allow you to live the life you imagined? Most people […]