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Easy Credit Isn’t Really Easy

I felt rich! I had a wallet full of credit cards at my disposal! Yep, that was me for sure. In my early 20’s, with gas companies, department stores and banks sending me credit cards. As I recall, back then I would often carry 10-15 shiny, brightly colored plastic cards in my pocket. They gave […]

The Advantages Of Paying With Cash

Let me ask you a probing question. How often to pay with cash? Of course I am not talking about always carrying a wad of greenbacks around in my pocket. I almost never carry cash. I do you a debit card, or if I am serious about building some air miles, I will use a […]

Financing Your Vehicle vs. Paying Cash – 1

Let’s contrast a real-life scenario of the borrower versus the lender that happens tens of thousands of times every day. A person walks into an auto show room and falls in love with that new car or truck that has everything he ever desired. The design is superb, the model fits his or her personality, […]

Financing Your Vehicle vs. Paying Cash – 2

Let’s take a look at the difference between the borrower and the lender in purchasing just one moderately priced vehicle. Given a very common loan repayment schedule of six years, a huge gap occurs between the two situations. Here are the two choices: Making vehicle loan payments Taking that very same payment and investing it […]

Financing Your Vehicle vs. Paying Cash – 3

Continuing from my previous blog…. Both persons have made the very same monthly payment. However, the investor (the one who does not borrow) makes no more payments, but continues to let the accumulation of his or her six-year payments grow in the marketplace, gaining return upon compound return at the very same rate. In just […]