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Track Your Expenses

Track Your Expenses Track your expenses. Keep a running balance sheet of every expense and pinpoint areas where you need to cut back. Use a notebook to record the amount and category of each purchase no matter how small. Include check and credit card purchases also. Do this every day for 3 months. Total each […]

But I Have Worked So Hard!

But I Have Worked So Hard!   Of course, you think you have worked hard and deserve some extras, and perhaps you do – but don’t!  Now is the time to say no and now is the time to give up the extra things you purchase that make you feel good.    Will some of […]

Getting Your Money’s Worth

Getting Your Money’s Worth       Before making a purchase, pause for a minute to ask yourself a questions.  Is it worth what I’m paying for it?  This is where spending money becomes a real skill.  Worth or value is often hard to determine.    Value in this case means the quality of the […]

Purchasing While Considering Quality

Purchasing While Considering Quality     Generally, when you are buying a product where length of service and performance are important, quality — how well it is made, how well it functions, how long it will last — is first consideration.  Price is, within budget limits, a second consideration.    Appearance may or may not […]