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Saving For Your Future 1

You may be reading this blog at a very young age, but you’ll get old very quickly, trust me. Someday all of us want to relax and not have to focus on earning money every hour of every day. The best way to prepare for that time in our lives is to begin saving at […]

Saving For Your Future III

Savings and investments are necessary for you to take full responsibility for your future. You provide for your future by accumulating enough wealth to take care of your needs independent of any other person or entity. You accumulate wealth by investing. You invest by first saving dollars for that purpose. You save dollars by finding […]

Simple Saving Rewards

Simple Saving Rewards You can receive financial rewards by saving and by personal discipline! It isn’t easy to save! It takes a commitment to start saving and sticking to it. Something else will always be waiting to take your money. But no one else will save for you, so you have to do it for […]

The Best Time to Begin Saving

The Best Time to Begin Saving When should you begin saving? As early as you can. If you start at 25, and put away $25 a month, you could reach $300,000 by age 65. If you wait until 45, that $300,000 at 65 may cost $300 a month. Remember the rule of 72. This tells […]


Compounding Year after year, any money you invest may earn interest, dividends or capital gains. When you reinvest those earnings, they help generate additional earnings; those additional earnings help generate more earnings, and so on. This is called compounding. For example, if an investment returns 8% a year and its earnings are reinvested annually: · […]