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Prosperity At Any Price?

Should we seek prosperity at any price? Theodore Roosevelt (1858-1919), our American 26th US president did not think so. He said, “The things that will destroy America are prosperity at any price, peace at any price, safety first instead of duty first, and love of soft living and the get-rich-quick theory of life.” Seems right […]

What Is Wealth?

Yes I know that when one is young, the desire to become wealthy sometimes enters our minds. Usually we think in terms of money and assets. But the older one gets, the more he/she realizes that wealth is so much more than economic favor. Our culture and society have sold us a bill of goods. […]

The Life Of A Millionaire

The authors of The Millionaire Next Door, Thomas Stanley and William Danko, have spent considerable time in researching the lives of the affluent and the wealthy. Their research led them to the following conclusions about how the rich in America arrived there, and how they continued to stay that way. From their conclusions, they believe […]

Faulty Financial Thinking

Wrong thinking? Yes I have done so when it comes to my finances. I get set in my ways, in old paradigms, old school thinking and can easily perpetuate the myth that everything is ok, when in fact my financial world was about to collapse on top of me. Impending disaster, yet totally unaware… Do […]

Get-Rich-Quick Schemes

Are you old enough to remember watching the 1986 slapstick comedy, The Money Pit? Whether you’ve seen it or not, this movie is a classic illustration of what it means to be “financially vulnerable”. When Walter (Tom Hanks), an entertainment lawyer, and Anna (Shelley Long), a musician, purchase a beautiful mansion on Long Island, the […]