Get-Rich-Quick Schemes

Are you old enough to remember watching the 1986 slapstick comedy, The Money Pit? Whether you’ve seen it or not, this movie is a classic illustration of what it means to be “financially vulnerable”. When Walter (Tom Hanks), an entertainment lawyer, and Anna (Shelley Long), a musician, purchase a beautiful mansion on Long Island, the house begins to fall apart even before they move in to it. In an ensuing battle of muddy faucets, collapsing staircases, and other costly maladies, the couple soon realizes just what a “money pit” they’ve purchased.

You may not have purchased a fixer-up that is falling apart, but there still may be areas of your life in which you’re financially vulnerable. These areas could range from minor things like the television commercials that bombard you constantly to more serious purchases, such as extended warranties and get-rich-quick offers.

A lot of get-rich-quick schemes prey upon unsuspecting investors. As the old proverb goes, the man who speculates is soon back to where he began—with nothing. This becomes a very serious problem, for all his or her hard work has been for nothing. It is all swept away. He or she is under a cloud — gloomy, discouraged, frustrated and angry. Get-rich schemes rarely ever pan out. That is wishful thinking. Yet, millions of dollars are lost each year to fraudulent deals because of the greed of investors.

What get rich schemes have you fallen for…or observed others falling for?

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