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Writing Your Sales Plan
Do you know how many units/services you must sell in order to meet your financial obligations? If not, don’t go any further until you have this information available? Be accurate and specific. Know your limits and your potential!
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Biblical Principles For Staying Out Of Debt

In easy-to-understand narrative, author Rich Brott explains the great danger that all of us will make bad financial decisions. It’s not that we deliberately set out to do so, we just follow cultural norms and wind up deep in debt. While many are able to recognize bad spending habits and somber patterns and actively take corrective measures, getting out of debt just brings you to the starting line. Next comes a tenacious determination to stay out of debt. After that follows a commitment to building long-term financial security and independence. The content of this book will help you to understand seven biblical principles for staying out of debt. It starts out with how to have right thinking and knowing exactly where your money is going. The book ends with teaching you how to set financial goals and how to invest for your future. Find out more

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Thank You for stopping by. Rich Brott is the author of several books on personal finance and business management. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business and Economics and a Master of Business Administration.
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Read Rich's perspective and biblical framework on all the topics he pens in his blogs, articles, and books. His focus is to present a balanced perspective on all topics, from being diligent, working hard, being productive, as well as learning to save, invest wisely, giving appropriately and becoming stewards of everything including time, talents, bodies, giftings, money, possessions, skills, communication, etc. Take the time to read Rich's Kingdom Perspectives...
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