Praying For Your Finances

Do you make time to pray the truths of God’s Word over your finances?

Nehemiah was a man who understood the power of combining specific prayer with the practical details of his life. When he first received the report that the walls of Jerusalem had been torn down and destroyed by fire, his first reaction was to turn to God in prayer and fasting (Neh. 1:3-4).

When he was later asked by the king about what he would need to rebuild the walls, we read that he first offered up a prayer to God and then asked the king for the specific materials he would need (Neh. 2: 4, 7-8). Then, when facing heavy opposition during the building project, we read that he responded in two ways. After first crying out to God in prayer (Neh. 4:4, 9), he then placed guards behind the lowest parts of the wall in the most vulnerable places (Neh. 4:13). Nehemiah’s mentality for moving forward in his God-given project combined prayer with the practical.

God’s Word contains powerful truths which relate to different areas of your finances, including savings, borrowing, investing, and budgeting. Throughout this website, I have described some of these practical areas of life with corresponding truths from the Word of God.

Most of us have a deep desire to apply the truths of God’s Word into our lives. Even if we don’t have a huge project in front of us, as Nehemiah did, we have a longing to walk in financial success, wisdom, and freedom.

Are you strengthening your personal finances with the Nehemiah strategy?

Your thoughts?

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