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Stop Spending Money On Yourself

Ok weblog readers, brace yourself for a personal lecture! Don’t be angry with me now….I am just trying to help you help yourself! But allow me to be very forthright and direct with you. You already have enough. Stop buying more things! You don’t need everything. You don’t need the latest, the greatest, the biggest, […]

Live Below Your Means

Hello readers! How are you? I hope you are doing well today! So how IS living? Are you experiencing the good life in the land of opportunity? Or, financially speaking, are you not doing so well? If so, I’ve got an answer for you! A solution that will take care of you for the rest […]

Good Values

I have been thinking about what good values are and which ones are better than others. What are some good core values? What do you value in life? Some important values to consider are as follows:

God Owns It All

Are we the owners of our money and possessions, or is God? The correct answer is that God owns it all. As creator of the world and owner of all that it possesses, He is in complete control of everything. God owns the world. God owns me. God owns my money. God owns my possessions. […]

Praying For Your Finances

Do you make time to pray the truths of God’s Word over your finances? Nehemiah was a man who understood the power of combining specific prayer with the practical details of his life. When he first received the report that the walls of Jerusalem had been torn down and destroyed by fire, his first reaction […]