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THINKING ABOUT RETIREMENT – Expecting the Unexpected

Retirement Issues & Musings & Random Thoughts   I’ve created numerous budgets for possible retirement scenarios.  The one thing that seems to always come to light, is that I need to work more, save more, spend less and prepare for the unexpected.    For all of you who are in the state of denial, consider […]


Market Averages – Investment Returns   Investing has its risks.  Investing in the equities market has its risks and volatility.  Every investor must assess his/her ability to live with both overall risk and seasonal volatility.  According to investment broker Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. since 1926 equities have generated an average of 10.7% annual return.  […]

Developing Your Business Goals

Developing Your Business Goals     When you develop your business goals, you are focusing on results and specific accomplishments.     My business goals are complementary to my overall statement of purpose, and vision.  My business statement of purpose gives me a sense of direction.  My business goals help me target my vision.   […]

Business Purpose Precedes Business Goals

Business Purpose Precedes Business Goals     Goals are necessarily preceded by purpose.  The purpose-less person or business who has no purpose usually accomplishes it.  Without purpose a business can never rise from the mire of mediocrity.  It is not enough to have business desire.  A goal must be set and specific planning steps organized […]

Business Statement of Purpose

Business Statement of Purpose     Some business owners seem to work 24/7 trying to make a go of their businesses.  Of course it takes our full attention and focus to be successful in business.  But the downside can be that our business lives can be so taken up with activities, that we forget why […]