Business Statement of Purpose

Business Statement of Purpose



Some business owners seem to work 24/7 trying to make a go of their businesses.  Of course it takes our full attention and focus to be successful in business.  But the downside can be that our business lives can be so taken up with activities, that we forget why we began in the first place.  There is never a shortage of things to do.  So why did you go into business?  Do you still remember the reason?


Take a moment to refresh your mind about your purpose of being in business.  Read the following statement.


“My business purpose statement is a general statement of mission which describes the overall intent that governs my objective, my goals, and my actions.  It represents my business “reason for existence,” interprets my vision to others and clarifies purpose to myself.  My business purpose, along with my objective, goals and actions, makes up my overall vision. My business purpose statement gives me direction, states the nature of my cause and gives focus and vision to my goals”.


Now take a few minutes for reflection to see if you are still on track with your original business purpose.



Your thoughts on this subject?  Your comments appreciated!

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