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Becoming An Entrepreneur

Have you ever given any thought to owning your own business? If so, maybe you are an entrepreneur! Or maybe you are the managerial type and you want to grow an existing business. Perhaps you are neither of the two, but instead you are the administrative, analytical type who takes great professional interest in assessing […]

Paying With Cash – 4

Corporate Debt Coming from the corporate world, I can tell you of faulty thinking firsthand. During the boom and subsequent bust of the 90s, a common practice was to make large purchases via leasing contracts. Virtually everything was leased. Fleets of trucks, manufacturing equipment, buildings, and so on were all leased instead of purchased outright. […]

Paying With Cash – 5

Corporate “Debt-Free” One of the most successful companies ever to grace planet Earth completely debt free? If debt is so good and provides so much so-called tax relief, why is the company that produced the richest man in the world debt free? Of course, I am talking about Microsoft, which has no debt and more […]

There Ain’t No Free Lunch!

There Ain’t No Free Lunch! An old story is told of an ancient king who called in the wise men of his kingdom and asked them to compile for him all the wisdom of the ages.  After months of diligent research, they returned with their findings bound in twelve large volumes. The king commended them […]

Bad Business Debt – Part I

Bad Business Debt – Part I     Is there such a thing as bad business debt?  After all, does not a business borrow so that it can create a product or a service that generates more or new income?  The answer here is clearly yes.  There is a need for businesses to borrow for […]