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Facing Financial Storms with Confidence

Facing Financial Storms with Confidence My friend was in desperate need of some answers. Due to reorganization of the company he worked for, he had just lost a high-paying management job. Now, with a high debt-load and little money in savings, he had no idea of how to move forward. Fear-filled questions harassed his mind […]

Thinking About Retirement – Expecting the Unexpected

Retirement Issues & Musings & Random Thoughts I’ve created numerous budgets for possible retirement scenarios.  The one thing that seems to always jump out at me, is that I need to work more, save more, spend less and prepare for the unexpected. For all of you who are in the state of denial, consider these […]

Thinking About Becoming An Entrepreneur?

Have you ever given any thought to owning your own business?  If so, maybe you are an entrepreneur!  Or maybe you are the managerial type and you want to grow an existing business.  Perhaps you are neither of the two, but instead you are the administrative, analytical type who takes great professional interest in assessing […]