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Giving To World Missions

For over 35 years, one of my favorite giving targets is that of giving to world missions. My wife and I have consistently given to missionaries, missions projects and charities…and to some of the same ones since the beginning. Great opportunities to give in these areas are available through your local church and of course […]

The Pleasures Of Giving

Giving to others brings indescribable pleasure. An inward joy comes to you when you have reached out and helped others. Whether it be in monetary gifts or simply rolling up your sleeves and helping out the old-fashioned way, the act of giving brings its own reward. When you give first, your own personal needs will […]

Give Because God Is Good

What motivates people to give? What motivates you to give? Sometimes it is hard to figure out why we open our wallets when a need is presented, but we always do. I admit that I am touched by stories of people who have great need. Or by the presentation of a missionary in a foreign […]

Giving Your Time

Your personal time is very valuable. We know that. In our busy world of work, children, family, school, church and the like, our time might be the hardest thing to give. Yet, it is probably the most precious commodity we have. After all, our time on earth is short lived and we have only so […]

The Principle Of Never Withholding

“One man gives freely, yet gains even more; another withholds unduly, but comes to poverty.” Proverbs 11:24 NIV We gain by giving. We lose by withholding! You may recall the story about the widow and her son who were about to eat their last meal, as noted in I Kings 17. After that, they assumed […]