Giving Your Time

Your personal time is very valuable. We know that. In our busy world of work, children, family, school, church and the like, our time might be the hardest thing to give. Yet, it is probably the most precious commodity we have. After all, our time on earth is short lived and we have only so much allotted to us. What we don’t use wisely is gone forever. When you give your time to others, they value it strongly. One of God’s greatest gifts is time. Time is our tool. It is a wonderful gift. You can give this gift to others. Here are some examples of how you can give your time to others.

Clean up litter in a neighborhood park.
Take your family to a church maintenance day.
Serve your church as greeters, ushers, teachers, filing clerks, in visitor follow-up, etc.
Gather and collect household items for the poor and needy.
Clean an area of the church, either inside or outside.
Bake a pie and deliver to your local firemen.
Mow the grass of an elderly person.
Visit the sick and incarcerated.
Volunteer at a soup kitchen.
Change the oil in the vehicle of a person who has been ill.
Bake cookies or bread and take them to a shut-in or elderly person.
Fix broken toys for children.
Provide childcare for a single mother.
Gather coats in the fall and distribute to needy families.
Befriend a lonely person.
Rake a neighbor’s leaves in the fall.
Prune rose bushes, plant flowers and help older people.
Write a thank you note and send to your neighborhood police or fire station.

The list of what you can do with your time in service to others is endless. When you give to others you make a difference in their lives. Often you give them hope and encouragement they cannot find anywhere else. One should always have an attitude of service. This means being aware and anticipating the needs of someone else. This means offering to help instead of waiting to be asked. You serve God by helping others. God is always giving to us continually. We can express His love to others by showing them genuine generosity.

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These are great ways we can all be good stewards of our time!

Thanks Jana! Time is truly a very valuable commodity.