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Impulse Buying is Predominant

Impulse Buying is Predominant     In our culture, impulse buying is predominant.  In years predating the present easy credit, you would walk into a department store, see an item you would like to purchase, and put a small cash down payment toward it and then pay it off monthly until the item was paid […]

Get-Rich-Quick Schemes = Get-Poor-Quick Realities

The salesperson who pressures you to buy now or invest here, should trigger a red warning flag in your mind. Consider the friend who drops by to give you an opportunity to invest in a red-hot deal. Unfortunately, you must decide today (they say) because they are going to start drilling for oil in the […]

Credit Cards Are the Norm

Credit Cards Are the Norm   In our culture, credit purchases are the norm.  Often, before an item has been paid for, it has been discarded.  If you think you must have it all now or you cannot be happy, a paradigm shift must be made in your thinking.    In our culture, going in […]