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Live a Self-controlled Lifestyle

If a person or family will live a restrained lifestyle, they will be able to live on thousands of dollars less each year.  You should incur debt only when it makes good economic sense.  The expense of borrowing should be less than the economic benefit you will receive.   Don’t underestimate the interest of God […]

Pledge Yourself to Delayed Gratification

Don’t get in the habit of buying something before you need it or because you think you might use it at some future date.  Indulgence because you think you “owe it to yourself” or “it will help your self-esteem” is a bad habit.   You can develop habits that will ensure you will enjoy financial […]

Stress Level

Stress Level     Living above your means creates high stress levels.  High stress levels affect your health, your spiritual life, your emotional health, your marriage and your financial life.    Living within your means lessens this stress.    Living below your means decreases the normal stress of life much more.  Living far below your […]

Living Far Below

Living Far Below     The only way for you to provide for your later years is to live below your means.  If you want to have any hope of achieving financial independence you must live far, far below your means.  This is not a difficult concept to understand.  Although it is very simple, few […]

But I Have Worked So Hard!

But I Have Worked So Hard!   Of course, you think you have worked hard and deserve some extras, and perhaps you do – but don’t!  Now is the time to say no and now is the time to give up the extra things you purchase that make you feel good.    Will some of […]