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Value Meals Aren’t!

Value Meals Aren’t! Fast food: don’t order value meals. This applies especially for those people who would have ordered the burger and a drink, but then see that for only a few cents more, you get the fries too. That timeless truth prevails—there’s no such thing as a free fry. So you end up paying […]

Getting the Most for Your Money

Getting the Most for Your Money Get the most for your money. Shop for value whenever you can. Go to warehouse-type stores, buy items (ones you actually need) in bulk, wait to buy stuff on sale (especially furniture and clothing), get last year’s model (car, appliance) this year. It’s probably just as good and the […]

Getting Your Money’s Worth

Getting Your Money’s Worth       Before making a purchase, pause for a minute to ask yourself a questions.  Is it worth what I’m paying for it?  This is where spending money becomes a real skill.  Worth or value is often hard to determine.    Value in this case means the quality of the […]

Purchasing While Considering Quality

Purchasing While Considering Quality     Generally, when you are buying a product where length of service and performance are important, quality — how well it is made, how well it functions, how long it will last — is first consideration.  Price is, within budget limits, a second consideration.    Appearance may or may not […]