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Five Reasons to Pay With Cash

Paying cash means making some lifestyle changes and sacrifices, but it will keep you from drowning in a sea of red ink on your journey to financial freedom. Paying cash keeps you focused. Paying cash promotes contentment because it adds meaning and value to the things you do buy. Paying cash lets you own things, […]

Living Below Your Means

So how IS living?  Are you experiencing the good life in the land of opportunity?  Or, financially speaking, are you not doing so well?  If so, I’ve got an answer for you!  A solution that will take care of you for the rest of your life.   But first an oft-quoted axiom is to “live within […]

Choosing Your Attitude

ATTITUDE isn’t simply a state of mind; it is also a reflection of what we value.  Attitude is more than just saying we can; it is believing we can.  ATTITUDE is a CHOICE! Attitude requires believing before seeing, because seeing is based on circumstances, believing is based on faith.  Attitude is contagious, especially when we […]

Thinking About Becoming An Entrepreneur?

Have you ever given any thought to owning your own business?  If so, maybe you are an entrepreneur!  Or maybe you are the managerial type and you want to grow an existing business.  Perhaps you are neither of the two, but instead you are the administrative, analytical type who takes great professional interest in assessing […]

Our Financial Copilot

In his book Weather Flying, retired pilot Robert Buck talks about the importance of the copilot during serious weather conditions: “A copilot during serious instrument flight is a necessity—not required by regulation, but without doubt, flying instruments without a copilot is a very tough job. I’ve flown small aircraft in serious weather, on instruments alone, […]