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Mother Teresa Quotes

Mother Teresa Quotes    ·       Being unwanted, unloved, uncared for, forgotten by everybody, I think that is a much greater hunger, a much greater poverty than the person who has nothing to eat.    ·       I am a little pencil in the hand of a writing God who is sending a love letter to the […]

10 Financial Principles

10 Financial Principles The following list of 10 financial principles were penned by the Reverend William J. H. Boetcke. Part of the beauty of these remarks is that they are short, to the point, and easily understood by anyone. You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift. You cannot help small men by tearing down […]

Quotes on Debt – Part 1

Quotes on Debt – Part 1     The only man who sticks closer to you in adversity than a friend is a creditor.  ~Author Unknown Who goeth a borrowing, Goeth a sorrowing. ~Thomas Tusser Before borrowing money from a friend, decide which you need most.  ~American Proverb In God we trust; all others must […]

Quotes On Debt – Part 2

Quotes On Debt – Part 2     A mortgage casts a shadow on the sunniest field. – Robert Green Ingersoll If I owe Smith ten dollars, and God forgives me, that doesn’t pay Smith. – Robert Green Ingersoll At the time we were funding our national debt, we heard much about “a public debt […]

Quotes On Debt – Part 3

Quotes On Debt – Part 3     A public debt is a kind of anchor in the storm; but if the anchor be too heavy for the vessel, she will be sunk by that very weight which was intended for her preservation. – Charles Caleb Colton   Debt is a prolific mother of folly […]