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A Good Rule For Borrowing

A Good Rule For Borrowing Never borrow to buy depreciating items. Things such as new cars, furniture, clothes, appliances, boats and luxury items should not be purchased until money is available to pay for them. Don’t borrow to go on vacation, to invest in the stock market, to get married, to keep up with the […]

Keep a Written Record

Keep a written spending record. Paying attention to your spending patterns will help you in the process of paying your bills with greater control and adherence to your goals. You may then discover some holes in your budget than can be plugged up. Your thoughts on this subject?  Your comments appreciated!

Alternatives to Spending Your Money

Alternatives to Spending Your Money Find alternatives to spending money. For a friend’s birthday, take him or her on a picnic rather than to an expensive restaurant. When someone suggests that you meet for lunch, propose meeting at the museum on its free day or going for a walk in the park. Instead of buying […]

Getting the Most for Your Money

Getting the Most for Your Money Get the most for your money. Shop for value whenever you can. Go to warehouse-type stores, buy items (ones you actually need) in bulk, wait to buy stuff on sale (especially furniture and clothing), get last year’s model (car, appliance) this year. It’s probably just as good and the […]

Saving Money or Going Broke?

Saving Money or Going Broke? A person could easily go broke saving money on good buys. Buying a $500 item on sale for $400 isn’t a $100 savings if you didn’t need the item to begin with. It’s spending $400 that you didn’t need to spend. The only way to conquer impulse buying is through […]