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An Impulse List

An Impulse List Maintain an impulse list. Write down what you want, then get at least two additional prices. Never have more than one item on your list. Do you know why? Because long before you will have found two prices on the first item, you will probably find two more items that you would […]

Getting Your Money’s Worth

Getting Your Money’s Worth       Before making a purchase, pause for a minute to ask yourself a questions.  Is it worth what I’m paying for it?  This is where spending money becomes a real skill.  Worth or value is often hard to determine.    Value in this case means the quality of the […]

Purchasing While Considering Quality

Purchasing While Considering Quality     Generally, when you are buying a product where length of service and performance are important, quality — how well it is made, how well it functions, how long it will last — is first consideration.  Price is, within budget limits, a second consideration.    Appearance may or may not […]

Impulse Buying is Predominant

Impulse Buying is Predominant     In our culture, impulse buying is predominant.  In years predating the present easy credit, you would walk into a department store, see an item you would like to purchase, and put a small cash down payment toward it and then pay it off monthly until the item was paid […]

Controlled Spending

Controlled Spending    One fairly obvious way to save money is by developing good spending habits. Many people have never learned the art of “living below their means” – essentially, controlling their spending.  Spending money to get the most out of it is something you will have to work at, just as you will work […]