Controlled Spending

Controlled Spending 


One fairly obvious way to save money is by developing good spending habits. Many people have never learned the art of “living below their means” – essentially, controlling their spending.  Spending money to get the most out of it is something you will have to work at, just as you will work to earn it in the first place. Do you put first things first when you make purchases? Do you buy what you need most or what you want? Do you shop in more than one store to compare the price and quality of a particular item you want? Do you resist the temptation to buy something because it is on sale or just because it appeals to you at the moment, when there are other things you need more?


It is during financial storms that the value of controlled spending is fully realized. Through budgeting and setting aside money each month in savings, you can have the confidence of knowing that there will be extra should an emergency strike. If you are now in a financial crisis and realize that you have not been making use of this “instrument”, don’t get discouraged! Resist the urge to get into debt by paying for everything with a credit card during your time of lack. Financial trials may require you to cut back in some areas of your life. Ask the Lord for His help in this trial to spend money wisely and to begin living a life of controlled spending.


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