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Celebrate Your Progress!

Celebrate Your Progress! Keep a written account of your progress. Set financial goals. This will help increase your savings and give you peace of mind and less stress over money issues. Progress may seem very slow at first, especially if the debt load is very large. But it’s a great feeling to whittle away at […]

Problem-solving / Goal-setting

Problem-solving / Goal-setting   How would you respond if someone asked you to describe where you want to be financially in ten years? In facing financial challenges, it is vital to have a clear definition and understanding of individual and family financial goals. After all, if you don’t know where you’re going, how will you […]

Build a Huge Nest Egg

Build a Huge Nest Egg     You can build a huge nest egg for your later years simply by living below your means.  Does it mean driving a car that should be abandoned in a junkyard?  Not really.  Does it mean eating oatmeal seven days a week and drinking only water?  Not really, but […]

Business Purpose Precedes Business Goals

Business Purpose Precedes Business Goals     Goals are necessarily preceded by purpose.  The purpose-less person or business who has no purpose usually accomplishes it.  Without purpose a business can never rise from the mire of mediocrity.  It is not enough to have business desire.  A goal must be set and specific planning steps organized […]

Developing Your Business Goals

Developing Your Business Goals     When you develop your business goals, you are focusing on results and specific accomplishments.     My business goals are complementary to my overall statement of purpose, and vision.  My business statement of purpose gives me a sense of direction.  My business goals help me target my vision.   […]