Facing Financial Storms with Confidence

Facing Financial Storms with Confidence

My friend was in desperate need of some answers. Due to reorganization of the company he worked for, he had just lost a high-paying management job. Now, with a high debt-load and little money in savings, he had no idea of how to move forward. Fear-filled questions harassed his mind as he began the search for a new job. How could he provide for the basic needs of his wife and family? Where could he hope to find work with so few jobs available? And what was in store for his future?


Everyone is faced with seasons of financial hardship that require us to make difficult decisions. Maybe you are asking some hard questions now about a financial trial that you are going through, wondering what the future holds. These times of blurred financial vision may be compared to a pilot who encounters a sudden lack of visibility while flying. Under normal circumstances, a pilot receives assistance from the air-traffic controllers in positioning the plane for a safe landing. In this type of “precision approach”, the air-traffic controllers are required to set the pilot up so that he or she doesn’t need to make more than a 30 degree turn to land the plane.


 In times of unexpected turbulence or in a storm, however, a pilot may be required to make a “non-precision approach” in which he or she must know how to fly by the instruments. A non-precision approach requires the pilot to make complex turns and, in some situations, be the one who is solely responsible for the airplane’s positioning and landing.


Becoming an “instrumented-rated pilot” is important for the purpose of flexibility. Pilots need to know how to fly when weather conditions are optimal, but there may come a time when they encounter limited visibility and unexpected turbulence. They may even be forced to land the plane at an unfamiliar airport, or make an emergency landing without the help of air-traffic control. 


How essential it is to develop the necessary skills before the storm comes! Are you prepared for unexpected financial storms?



Your thoughts on this subject?  Your comments appreciated!


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