Becoming An Entrepreneur

Have you ever given any thought to owning your own business? If so, maybe you are an entrepreneur! Or maybe you are the managerial type and you want to grow an existing business. Perhaps you are neither of the two, but instead you are the administrative, analytical type who takes great professional interest in assessing where the business is at and the condition that it should be in.

Regardless of who you are or your interest in business, the first and most basic key to building a successful enterprise is to start with asking yourself some tough personal questions; you know, the kind that only you can answer. Here are a few to consider.

Can I weather the storms?

Keeping a right temperament.
Having the right attitude.

Skills, Gifts and Talents:

Do you know your ability?
Do you understand your weaknesses?


Can you accept failure, yet move ahead?

Change Ability:

Do you learn from your experiences?
Can you change and adjust?
Do you willingly accept course corrections?

Sacrificial Orientation:

Can you endure short term pain for long term gain?

Risk Orientation:

How easily do you accept/ manage risk?


Do you have a “never give up” attitude?
Can you learn from others?


Do you seek counsel or advice?
Can you learn from others?


Can you hold your vision close until fulfillment?
Do you have the ability to sell your vision to others?


A worthy business idea; do you have one?


Can you perform detailed and thorough research?


A well-thought-out / organized business plan; do you have one?


Superb Management. Are you capable?

Wise Decision-Maker:

Good Business judgment. Do you have it?

You can probably think of many more questions….add a comment so others can benefit!

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