There Ain’t No Free Lunch!

There Ain’t No Free Lunch!

An old story is told of an ancient king who called in the wise men of his kingdom and asked them to compile for him all the wisdom of the ages.  After months of diligent research, they returned with their findings bound in twelve large volumes.

The king commended them for their work but insisted that it was too long.  So the intellectuals went back to work, this time condensing the material.  Many weeks later, the wise men returned with only one volume.  And again they were commended by their king, but were told to make the information even briefer. 

Condensing the wisdom of all the ages into less than one volume posed a very difficult problem. Not very excited, the scholars returned to their immediate responsibility.  Finally the wise men brought in their findings,  the results of years of research. They handed the king a small slip of paper.  Yes, they had condensed all the wisdom of the ages into one sentence.  This sentence was:  “There ain’t no free lunch!”

If you are going to discover purpose in life and achieve personal, professional and business goals, you must be diligent in your personal commitment to the planning task at hand.  Truly there is no free ride in this world;  not in your personal life; not in your business life.

Your thoughts on this subject?  Your comments appreciated!

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