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MORE …Beneficial Zerubbabel Business Principles

  MORE …Beneficial Zerubbabel Business Principles   It seems to me that no matter the time or generation, certain business principles are always relevant.      ·        vision should be understood by everyone involved ·        when people face fear and discouragement, it takes visionary leaders to speak words of faith and encouragement ·        a godly […]

Beneficial Zerubbabel Business Principles

Beneficial Zerubbabel Business Principles     We can gain by understanding some of Zerubbabel’s business principles and their applications.   ·        shaping a business vision may be a long-term endeavor ·        before shaping any vision we must start by seeking God ·        God will help you shape the right vision ·        God is the giver […]

Zerubbabel’s Business Vision

Zerubbabel’s Business Vision   Zerubbabel had a Business Vision.  He dreamed outside of the proverbial box.  Zerubbabel, a descendant of David and in the direct line of ancestry of Jesus (Luke 3:27, Matthew 1:12) was a man of vision.    While living in captivity in Babylon, he apparently impressed his captors and gained respectability among […]

Bad Business Debt – Part II

Bad Business Debt – Part II     If all corporate debt is good, than why is one of the most successful companies ever to grace planet Earth completely debt free?  If debt is so good and provides so much so-called tax relief, why is the company that produced the richest man in the world […]

Bad Business Debt – Part I

Bad Business Debt – Part I     Is there such a thing as bad business debt?  After all, does not a business borrow so that it can create a product or a service that generates more or new income?  The answer here is clearly yes.  There is a need for businesses to borrow for […]