Stop Spending Money On Yourself

Ok weblog readers, brace yourself for a personal lecture! Don’t be angry with me now….I am just trying to help you help yourself! But allow me to be very forthright and direct with you. You already have enough. Stop buying more things! You don’t need everything. You don’t need the latest, the greatest, the biggest, or the best.

Quit watching television commercials. Stop listening to those who are trying their best to convince you that you just have to buy their product; after all, it will help you live a better, more fulfilled life, more satisfied, will keep you in better health, and make everyone else want to be your friend. The real truth is they really don’t care a flip about your well being; they just want your money, or your credit card.

How much is enough? How many things are sufficient? Specifically, just how much money do you need to spend on yourself and just how many things do you need to live in this world? How many possessions must you accumulate to feed your appetite for having it all?

Are you happy only when you indulge your every whim to spend more money on yourself, or can you actually be happy curbing your craving for more and more? Is it possible to place self-imposed limits on your current lifestyle and restrict your personal spending? Are you spending your cash for need or greed?

When you find your spending is out of control and you cannot resist buying more things for yourself, building up your resistance to impulse buying is a discipline you need immediately. The traits of godly people are characterized by the spiritual disciplines to which they submit. Whether it be prayer, purity, integrity, humility, diligence, faithfulness and obedience or selflessness, leadership, servanthood, and financial stewardship. These are all important. Economic disciplines include time management, wise spending, hard work, financial stewardship and debt restraint.

What is the key to achieving success in all these areas? The key to success is that of personal discipline. Just as the daily discipline of exercise, training and hard work successful athletes must practice, so you must approach your desire to stop spending money on yourself. Often it simply comes down to this: say “no” and have the steadfastness to keep yourself out of temptation’s path.

Your turn! Do you spend too much money on yourself??

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SELAMAT! Website baru Anda tampak sangat menakjubkan: sederhana, menarik, dan interaktif. Tidak hanya kita bisa mengetahui karya-karya baru dari Anda, melainkan kita juga bisa bertanya dan bahkan berdiskusi dengan Anda mengenai buku-buku dan artikel-artikel Anda. Saya merasa senang sekali bahwa melalui website ini kita dapat mempertahankan komunikasi kita, meskipun kita tinggal di belahan dunia yang berbeda. Tuhan selalu berkati.

Kusnadi Kunawi
Direktur Eksekutif dari Penerbit dan Toko Buku METANOIA

Executive Director of Metanoia Publishing & Bookstores

Kusnadi – Well, I did not get any of that!

BUT, I will say that when I had little savings, I had larger cravings for STUFF.

When I became financially free by making better decisions with the money I had, I no longer craved a lot of the STUFF.

Reminds me of Proverbs 13:4 – The sluggard craves and gets nothing; but the desires of the diligent are fully satisfied.

Kusnadi – Thanks for your well-wishes. Coming from the successful C.E.O. of several key businesses, including 35 retail book stores, it means a lot.

Joe – I agree completely. It’s amazing the appetite that people with little or no means have for “stuff”. But when, through personal discipline, you accumulate some cash, your desire to just “spend into oblivion” decreases dramatically.