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Start a Retirement Fund Now!

Start a Retirement Fund Now!     Start a retirement fund.  If you work for a corporation that has one, use the 401(k) plan.  If employed by a firm with no pension plan, open an Individual Retirement Account.  As a rule, both the contributions to these plans and the earnings are untaxed until you withdraw […]

Dusting Off the Piggy Bank

Dusting Off the Piggy Bank   Long-term investing is your best hedge against inflation, but you need to save in order to invest. This can be tough to do. Have you ever noticed that after you pay your monthly bills, buy groceries and cover your other expenses, you have little left in your paycheck? Consider […]

How To Save

How To Save   Set Savings Goals    Start with 5-10 percent of every paycheck. It’s easiest if your employer deducts it from your pay because you don’t miss money you don’t see. You could also ask your bank to move it from checking to savings every month or make automatic investments into a no-load […]

Ways to Make Your Savings Grow Faster!

Ways to Make Your Savings Grow Faster!     Put cash you don’t need right away in three- or five-year CD’s. If you need the money and have to break into the CD before it matures, you might pay a six month interest penalty. But that’s nothing compared with the penalty you’re imposing on yourself […]

Build a Huge Nest Egg

Build a Huge Nest Egg     You can build a huge nest egg for your later years simply by living below your means.  Does it mean driving a car that should be abandoned in a junkyard?  Not really.  Does it mean eating oatmeal seven days a week and drinking only water?  Not really, but […]