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You may be reading this blog at a very young age, but you’ll get old very quickly, trust me. Someday all of us want to relax and not have to focus on earning money every hour of every day. The best way to prepare for that time in our lives is to begin saving at an early age. Saving while young is simpler, requires less, is habit-forming and much, much easier. This is not rocket science, it’s just simply having time on your side.

What kinds of thoughts come to your mind when I mention the word “saving” to you? Are you immediately having thoughts of dislike, pain, going without, not having any fun, or living cheap? Does it seem you just aren’t ready to cope with great sacrifice? Or does the word saving have a different feel? Maybe for you it means being prepared for emergencies or planning for retirement. Maybe to you it feels like financial freedom and easy living in your later years. It might even give you dreams of wealth and prestige. Regardless of whatever thoughts come to your mind when you think of beginning a savings plan, the fact remains that there is a definite relationship between saving now and future wealth. You may give up a little of your spending power now, but doing so will yield a whole lot more later. Continually and consistently saving and investing money now will lead to big rewards later.

Tell me “your” story of saving for your future! Your comments appreciated!

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