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Financing Your Vehicle vs. Paying Cash – 4

Here are the details for your review: Vehicle Loan

Less Is Better Than More

It is always wise to borrow less rather than more. Cultivate the mindset that you will only borrow for absolute necessities and that you will repay the loan at the earliest possible date. Paying back a larger amount than the required fixed payment will help you retire the debt early. What should you not be […]

Think Twice About Credit Card Debt

Your current credit card debt represents more than just the fact that you owe money. It represents the fact that you are spending more money than you are making. It represents the fact that, depending on how much you owe, you could be out of touch with your financial situation. It represents the fact that […]

Are You A Credit Risk?

Everyone knows that potential lenders look closely at your credit record, but did you also know that landlords and insurance companies do, too? Here are some tips for building up a clean credit record—and making sure it stays that way. You probably already know that your credit report is all-important when it comes to qualifying […]

Your Credit Report

Now you probably know that your credit report is essentially your credit history. It details what sort of loans you have outstanding, how long you’ve had them, whether you pay your bills on time and so on. (The information is not just from credit card companies, but all your creditors including utilities, landlords, hospitals, banks, […]