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Saving For Your Future V

There are a number of ways that derail the best of intentions. Many find themselves on track with their savings and investments and well on their way to financial independence, then something happens. It might be something as simple as your “wants” getting in front of your “needs.” One of your “needs” is to provide […]

Track Your Spending

Record every penny spent for the past 90 days and the next 90 days. If you don’t know where the money went, how can you get out of debt? Close your eyes and visualize a stress-free, debt-free lifestyle. You are on vacation…but you have paid for it all in advance. It is not more income […]

Pay In Cash And Record All Spending

Get in the habit of paying as you go. Paying cash for an item not only gives a person that sense of confidence and well-being, it keeps debt at a lower balance than the previous month. If you do charge for an item with the intention of paying it off when the bill comes due, […]

Why I Pay With Cash

Why I Pay With Cash ….and why you should too! 1.     If you pay cash, you are likely to be more careful in your purchase. You may not make the purchase at all. You may delay the purchase until you have enough cash. You may decide there are other priorities for you cash. You may […]

How People Spend Their Paychecks

How People Spend Their Paychecks These figures taken from USA Today show national averages in various spending categories.   22%   Housing (including furniture and repairs) 22%   Transportation (car, gas and oil, repairs) 15%   Food 09%   Social Security, pensions 07%   Utilities 05%   Clothing 05%   Entertainment, recreation 04%   Medical care 03%   Savings 02%   Insurance (except car and […]