The Folly Of Not Investing Until Later

Ok bloggers, check this chart out. Let’s assume you don’t begin to invest early. Note the following chart to see what would happen if you spent all your money from age 22 to age 27 and then decided that you should be investing $2,000 per year.

The result is astonishing! Not beginning to invest until a mere six years later than if one would have started at the age of 22, costs a huge sum of money….namely $62,000! That’s money just thrown away. Check the numbers and see if you don’t decide to being investing immediately!

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I started investing the maximum amount into my 401(k) the day after I graduated from college. That, along with an 8% dollar-for-dollar match, has made retirement something I can look forward to!

If you are 20, START NOW! If you are 30, RUN to invest. 40? Take a car to the investment office. Over 50? Take the space shuttle to the investment office!

Excellent point, Joe! What a difference starting early makes!