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Saving For Your Future III

Savings and investments are necessary for you to take full responsibility for your future. You provide for your future by accumulating enough wealth to take care of your needs independent of any other person or entity. You accumulate wealth by investing. You invest by first saving dollars for that purpose. You save dollars by finding […]

Saving For Your Future V

There are a number of ways that derail the best of intentions. Many find themselves on track with their savings and investments and well on their way to financial independence, then something happens. It might be something as simple as your “wants” getting in front of your “needs.” One of your “needs” is to provide […]

The Power of Investing Early

From No Money to $29,570,476.09!  Let’s say that you have a 12-year-old child. Let’s say that you make a one-time investment into a S&P 500 mutual fund of $1,000 at his/her current age. An S&P 500 index fund is a group of stocks considered to be generally representative of the stock market. This index is […]

Financing Your Vehicle vs. Paying Cash – 4

Here are the details for your review: Vehicle Loan

Bank Interest vs. Mutual Fund Growth

Bank Interest vs. Mutual Fund Growth     The following chart shows the annual return on an investment in five-year increments.  If you were to begin saving now, an amount of $100 per month, the following chart details your possible investment return showing a variety of percentages and years.      Annual Return 5 Years […]