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Generosity: Activation Of Blessing & Provision

Giving is the trigger for God’s financial miracles. When you give to the kingdom of God, it will be given back to you. But where will it come from? Who will give to you? Will God cause money to float down from heaven so that your needs will be met? No. The Bible says, “…shall […]

Providing For Your Future

The only way for you to provide for your later years is to live substantially below your means. If you want to have any hope of achieving financial independence you must live far, far below your means. This is not a difficult concept to understand. Although it is very simple, few people do it. Because […]

Saving For Your Future II

The secret to becoming wealthy is steady plodding; putting away a few dollars at a time, consistently, week after week for the rest of your life. Adjusting your lifestyle to do this is not only important, but also absolutely necessary. To start saving for the future, you also have to find some money to save. […]

Live Within Your Means

Scripture says that the poor will always be with us, but it does not say that none of them will be Christians. If you’ve ever wondered, “I cannot understand why God has not made me rich yet,” we have no magic formulas but this one. Live within, not above, your income! A friend of mine […]

There Ain’t No Free Lunch!

There Ain’t No Free Lunch! An old story is told of an ancient king who called in the wise men of his kingdom and asked them to compile for him all the wisdom of the ages.  After months of diligent research, they returned with their findings bound in twelve large volumes. The king commended them […]