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What Is Debt?

What is debt? Debt is nothing more than borrowing from your future income to buy now what you cannot afford to purchase with current income. The only problem with borrowing money is that you have to pay it back. No pressure on a household is quite like the burden of debt. The pressure to repay […]

Secular Understanding Is Not Enough

When considering a lifestyle free from debt, secular financial understanding is not enough and it becomes woefully insufficient in the long-term perspective. If you only review the practical aspects of your finances and not first understand God’s principles, it will only leave you with holes in your pocket. Spiritual principles cannot be ignored. Faith, obedience, […]

Your Decision To Change

When you have debt, change is necessary. You must make a decision to change your attitude, lifestyle, spending habits and invest in a new you. When your debts are high and your monthly income is not enough to cover the payments, there are ways to solve your debt problem. However, the road to financial recovery […]

Breaking Free From the Bondage of Debt

If you are going to rescue your life and liberate your future by breaking free from your bondage of debt, not only will you be repaying current debt, but you must also not add any new debt. You ought to consider deciding once and for all that you will not take on new debt and […]

What is debt? What is a deficit?

What is debt? What is a deficit? Do the two words mean the same? We often hear the two used wrongly and completely out of context. In simple terms, we can explain the differences in this way. A deficit is the amount by which a sum of money falls short of the required or expected […]