Why You Should Become Debt Free – Part 2

To stay mentally healthy. Clear thinking and peace of mind cannot be taken for granted. It is hard to have clarity of thought and difficult to make good, logical and well-reasoned financial decisions when you are stressed under a burden of heavy debt.

To maintain a healthy marriage. Finances are said to be the number one cause of divorce today. This isn’t having money or not having money. It has to do with how we handle our money, our discipline, our integrity, our responsibility for it and our accountability in handling it. Match that with the stress from the weight of debt, along with other communication challenges, and it’s a recipe for potential marriage disaster.

What other reasons can you think of! Your comments appreciated!

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Two more reasons
1) To be able to accomplish my dreams – I have some big dreams and if I had remained in debt, there is absolutely no way I could accomplish them!

2) To go exactly where God calls me immediately – If I had a pile of debt, it makes it a lot harder to respond to a call that impacts the salary – even if it is a clear and distinct call!