Why You Should Become Debt Free – Part 1

Why should you become debt free? After all, you felt that you needed that new car. And of course, your house must have furniture in it. A closet would be useless without a good stock of new shoes and clothes. Of course, you don’t have the money now, but you do have credit cards.

Are you willing to work hard and put in some occasional time for additional revenue so that you can put a little extra toward your debt from time to time? The problem with that kind of thinking is that, every time you attempt to get ahead, you will probably be hit with some other unexpected expense. This is the unintended consequence of debt.

Perhaps it is car trouble or an unexpected health-related bill, and because you had neither planned nor budgeted for any unexpected expenses, you seek more credit. This might be another credit card, an extended personal loan or a higher line of credit. At some point though, the deficit spending must stop, the debt must be paid and the savings begun.

Can you become debt free? Yes! Yes, you absolutely can! Why should you desire to become debt free? What should motivate you to stay within a planned budget, pay off debt and keep it paid off? Of course, we could list literally hundreds of reasons, but here are a few to get you started:

To stay physically healthy. Debt can cause stress, sickness, depression, illness and poor health. Serious illness can occur when you are stressed out and worn out and your will to fight is diminished. Will you be able to have the money to eat properly or will you and your children be malnourished? How about affording to purchase vitamins, minerals and other health supplements? Can you pay for the proper medicines your physician prescribes for you and your family?

To stay emotionally healthy. Long after the pleasure of the purchase is gone, the emotional baggage of repayment goes on and on. If you decide to go ahead and sell the item you were so excited about owning, it is worth a fraction of what you originally paid for it. That is, of course, assuming that someone actually wants to buy it from you and that it has any value at all. Many of your purchases do not. Much debt is brought on by purchases one cannot even recall.

Tell me about “your” debt free attempts! Your comments appreciated!

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