Article Category | Biblical Principles

In God’s economy there is no such thing as want, lack, recession or depression.

Article Category | Budgeting

Budgeting will free you, not confine you.

Article Category | Business Finance

Cash flow is the most important area of all business.

Article Category | Business Management

Find out what it takes to begin, develop, and manage your business

Article Category | Business Success

Create your own opportunities rather than waiting for your “break” in life.

Article Category | Communication

Our ability to communicate with others is one of God’s greatest gifts, yet it is often one of our greatest challenges.

Article Category | Credit Management

The only problem with borrowing money is that you have to pay it back.

Article Category | Debt Management

With debt you essentially slide in and climb out. Easy to get in, difficult to get out.

Article Category | Decision-Making

Decisions are interrelated, making a choice involves risk, decisions cause change, decisions require commitment, and decisions involve cost.

Article Category | Giving

Nothing happens in the economy of God until you give something away.

Article Category | Insurance

Don’t wait until a disaster to understand your limitations and coverage.

Article Category | Investments

Get the know-how on how to handle your financial investments.

Article Category | Personal Cash Flow

There is always someone willing to separate you from your money!

Article Category | Personal Finance

Debt is nothing more than borrowing from future income to buy now what we cannot afford with current income.

Article Category | Prayer

More prayer is always better than less prayer

Article Category | Retirement Planning

No one actively plans to fail in providing for a comfortable old age. They simply fail to plan.

Article Category | Saving Money

Saving is easy: What you don’t see, you won’t spend.

Article Category | Tithing

The law of living is giving. If money is to be useful, it must be used.

Article Category | Vision Management

Vision realization takes people, resources, time and faithfulness.