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Faulty Financial Thinking

Wrong thinking? Yes I have done so when it comes to my finances. I get set in my ways, in old paradigms, old school thinking and can easily perpetuate the myth that everything is ok, when in fact my financial world was about to collapse on top of me. Impending disaster, yet totally unaware… Do […]

Live Below Your Means

Hello readers! How are you? I hope you are doing well today! So how IS living? Are you experiencing the good life in the land of opportunity? Or, financially speaking, are you not doing so well? If so, I’ve got an answer for you! A solution that will take care of you for the rest […]

The Advantages Of Paying With Cash

Let me ask you a probing question. How often to pay with cash? Of course I am not talking about always carrying a wad of greenbacks around in my pocket. I almost never carry cash. I do you a debit card, or if I am serious about building some air miles, I will use a […]

Stop Spending Money On Yourself

Ok weblog readers, brace yourself for a personal lecture! Don’t be angry with me now….I am just trying to help you help yourself! But allow me to be very forthright and direct with you. You already have enough. Stop buying more things! You don’t need everything. You don’t need the latest, the greatest, the biggest, […]

Recommended Websites

Today, I wanted to alert you to some other websites and bloggers whose weekly blogs are of interest to me: Money Management Online Sites Regularly I drop by a number of sites for a variety of articles, blogs, financial news and calculators. Thinking you may have some interest in the sites that I read, I […]