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Retirement Income

Retirement Income       Most people will have to replace 70-90% of their current income at retirement age.  Many will want to replace 100% of their pre-retirement income.  Because we are living longer and healthier lives, we can expect to live 20 plus years after retirement and to be more active at an older […]

Bank Interest vs. Mutual Fund Growth

Bank Interest vs. Mutual Fund Growth     The following chart shows the annual return on an investment in five-year increments.  If you were to begin saving now, an amount of $100 per month, the following chart details your possible investment return showing a variety of percentages and years.      Annual Return 5 Years […]

THINKING ABOUT RETIREMENT – Expecting the Unexpected

Retirement Issues & Musings & Random Thoughts   I’ve created numerous budgets for possible retirement scenarios.  The one thing that seems to always come to light, is that I need to work more, save more, spend less and prepare for the unexpected.    For all of you who are in the state of denial, consider […]