God Is Your Provider

“And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches…”
(Philippians 4:19 NKJV)

Notice the Scripture does not say that the company that employs you will provide for your needs. Neither does it say the local banker or loan officer will supply your needs. Nor does is say that the welfare department of your government will supply your needs. It says that God, and no one else, will supply your needs.

God is your only Source! It’s not your job that provides your income. It is God that provides for your needs being met.

This story has been told through many generations. It is about a Christian family that was going through some very tough times. They were so destitute that they didn’t even have food for their next meal. The father and mother got down on their knees and cried out to God for food so their children would not go hungry. A man who was not a Christian was walking by their house and heard their prayer. Instead of feeling bad for them, he decided to play a trick on them.

He went down to the grocery store and bought a huge box of groceries, put it on their front porch and rang the doorbell. When the Christian parents saw the groceries on the porch, they immediately began to thank God for it. Just then the unbeliever walked up and said, “Why are you thanking God? I’m the one who placed the groceries there.” The Christian father replied, “Oh no, it was God who answered our prayer and provided the groceries. But I do want to thank you for being His delivery boy and bringing them to us!”

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that your job or your business is what provides your income. God is the source of your abundant supply. Jobs disappear; even large companies cease to exist. Your clients and your customers in your business will always come and go. It is God who sees to it that your needs are being met.

Nothing happens in the economy of God until you give something away.

Everyone and everything else is just His instrument for getting it accomplished. God uses many vehicles to get the job done, but in the end, it is not our own strength, but God’s blessing upon our lives.

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