Blessing Begins In The Heart

The heart and attitude of a blessed person are worth examining. Blessed people are set apart in many ways because they have learned how to be blessed. We all have the opportunity to receive the blessing of God and be under the shadow of the Almighty if we so desire. The blessed person gives of his or her resources freely, cheerfully and out of genuine appreciation to God. Generosity is God’s antidote to greed.

First, let’s look at what it means to live a life that is “blessed.” What kind of heart does one need to receive the blessing? What theme was so important to Jesus that He talked about it more than anything else? Was it heaven? Was it repentance? Was it prayer? Was it salvation? No, to each of these questions! Jesus spoke on the subject of money more than any other topic. He must have known that, if He had our money, He would certainly have our hearts.

What is the attitude of a blessed person? Our principal attitude must be that all money and all possessions belong to God. He trusts us with the care of these things until we prove ourselves unworthy of His trust. Since it is not our money, it’s not our problem to worry about it. It is our responsibility as good stewards to use it correctly.

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In his book, “Your Money Counts”, Howard Dayton actually included a Quit-Claim Deed that cedes possession of your money to God!

I LOVE that!