Be Disciplined and Determined

When your debts are high and your monthly income is not enough to cover the payments, there are ways to solve your debt problem. However, the road to financial recovery takes a total commitment.

You must decide that you want to be debt-free. You have to discipline yourself to take the necessary action to pay back your debts. Only you can determine if you are willing to make the necessary sacrifices to achieve this goal.

Getting out of debt is like getting through boot camp. It’s a lot of hard work and some days you want to quit. But when graduation day arrives, memories of pain and trouble pale in the light of the pride and accomplishment you feel. You made it! You didn’t quit.

Like boot camp, becoming debt-free is not the end; rather it’s the beginning of a whole new adventure. To drop out at graduation and go back to your old way of living would be to turn your back on everything for which you have been preparing.

It would be to close the door on your dreams of financial freedom. It would diminish the importance of what you accomplished. Who would be so foolish as to do the difficult work and then not stick around to enjoy the reward?

Your thoughts on this subject? Your comments appreciated!

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