Realize that Becoming Debt-Free is Only the Beginning

The simple truth is that getting out of debt is only the first step. That is how you get to the starting point. Staying out of debt and moving forward to financial independence is the bigger challenge. And that’s where the big rewards await.

What does a debt-free life look like?

Here’s a mental picture for you:

  • You give.
  • You save.
  • You spend less than you earn.
  • You invest confidently and consistently.
  • Your financial decisions are purposeful.
  • You turn away from impulsive behavior.
  • You shun unsecured debt.
  • You borrow cautiously.
  • You anticipate the unexpected.
  • You scrutinize your purchases.
  • You reach for your goals by following a specific plan.

Your thoughts on this subject? Your comments appreciated!

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