A Plan for Becoming Debt Free – Part IV

Examine Your Spending Behavior

One way to save cash is by not eating lunch out every day. Not only will you save substantially, you will also avoid using the credit card to run up more debt that you do not have the cash for. This chart shows the weekly and annual cost of your lunches.

Number of Days Eating Out for Lunch
5 days per week
4 days per week
3 days per week
2 days per week
1 day per week
0 days per week

Number of Days Making Your Lunch
0 days per week
1 day per week
2 days per week
3 days per week
4 days per week
5 days per week

Total Lunch Expense
$ 5.00

Annual Lunch Expense
$ 850.00
$ 550.00
$ 250.00

The dollar figure I have used for eating out is $7.00 per meal. It is fairly difficult to eat lunch anywhere for less, especially if you add the cost of a drink to the meal. Making and bringing your own lunch is much cheaper. I have used a dollar figure of $1.00 per meal.

Your thoughts on this subject? Your comments appreciated!

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