Credit Card Debt and Interest – Part II

Scripture says the poor will always be with us, but it does not say none of them will be Christians.  A friend of mine, who is very brilliant individual, once made a statement that seemed very odd to me.  He said, “I cannot understand why God has not made me rich yet.” 


I have no magic formulas, but this one.  Live below, not above, your income! 


I have a friend who had purchased a couple of fine houses, but then sold them to pay off his debt, only to get into debt all over again.  It is more important that I teach you why you should stay out of debt than to teach you how to get out of debt. 


You will never win the lottery so quit spending money on tickets.  Quit spending money as if you were about to win the lottery.  God’s ways are not about windfall income like the lottery.  His ways are about thriftiness, staying out of debt, working hard and serving Him.  How do we get out of debt?  Just the way we got into debt – one step at a time. 


If you give a man a fish you can feed him for a day.  If you teach him to fish, you can feed him for life.  It’s not going to help you one bit if I major on how to get out of debt.  The real help comes if I can change your attitude that causes you to move from a lifestyle of debt to the freedom of being debt free and becoming financially independent.



Your thoughts on this subject?  Your comments appreciated!

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